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Events and registration

Details of all workshops currently open for registration are listed below in date order.

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  • Contact event organisers for queries concerning the scientific programs or refer to the web link if provided. The relevant contact details are given for each event.
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MIR@W Modelling and Calibration of Pedestrian Dynamics

25th February 2019

OrganiserSusana Gomes, Marie-Therese Wolfram
ContactAlison Humphries
tel: 02476 522681
StartMonday 25th February 2019
EndMonday 25th February 2019
VenueZeeman Building

MiR@W Day: Plasmas in Magnetic Fields

Link to web page more information
OrganiserRobert MacKay, Ben McMillan
ContactAlison Humphries
StartMonday 04th March 2019
EndMonday 04th March 2019
VenueMathematics Institute, Zeeman Building

MiR@W Soft Elicitation

Link to web page more information
OrganiserSimon French (Statistics) Leroy White (Business School)
ContactAlison Humphries
tel: 0247622681
StartMonday 11th March 2019
EndMonday 11th March 2019
VenueZeeman Building, University of Warwick

Measurability, Ergodic Theory and Combinatorics

8th to 12th July 2019

Link to web page more information
OrganiserOleg Pikhurko
ContactAlison Humphries
tel: 28317
StartMonday 08th July 2019
EndFriday 12th July 2019
VenueMathematics Institute

Thermodynamic Formalism: Ergodic Theory and Geometry

Link to web page more information
OrganiserRichard Sharp, Oliver Jenkinson, Thomas Jordan, Anders Oberg, Daniel Thompson
ContactAlison Humphries
StartMonday 22nd July 2019
EndFriday 26th July 2019
VenueWarwick Mathematics Institute, Zeeman Building